How Edupops Got Featured on the ‘Product of the Day’ List on ProductHunt


Edupops was featured on ProductHunt in the top ‘Product of the day’ list. This was our first, official launch of our beta app.

In this guide, I’ll share how we got featured on ProductHunt!

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Let’s start with the basics..

What is ProductHunt?

ProductHunt is a platform to launch new products and startup.

New products are launched on ProductHunt every day and the community can rank them using “upvotes”, that result in a daily ranking of products.

The higher you are voted, the more attention you get.

upvotes on ProductHunt

This attention can then lead to leads, installs, traffic and conversions.

Rankings on ProductHunt:

  • Product of the day
  • Product of the week
  • Product of the month
  • Annual awards
product of the day badge

Key terms you should know:

  • Maker(s) = the founders / founding team / people who make the products
  • Hunter = the one who posts the product on ProductHunt (can be one of the markers or someone else)

Why we launched Edupops on ProductHunt

There are many reasons founders launch their product / startup on ProductHunt.

For Edupops, the top reasons we wanted to launch on ProductHunt were:

  • To reach a wide audience with our launch (and there’s a good match between our target audience and ProductHunt audience)
  • Get validation and feedback on our beta app
  • Validate our product and concept (we surely got closer to productmarket fit after our launch!)
  • Collect social proof (we got some great comments and testimonials!)
  • Attract new users and app installs
  • Signal promise to investors and creators (since our app also attracts creators)

You can have many goals from your launch and they may be different than others. But really, there’s no reason NOT to launch on ProductHunt.

Here’s a list to pick from:

  • Leaderboard
  • Upvotes
  • Comments
  • New followers
  • Social media reach
  • Interest from investors
  • Website traffic
  • Product sales/leads
  • Attracting early adopters
  • Feedback
  • General Networking
  • Finding potential cofounders
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand awareness

So, if you’re convinced and ready to launch, let’s get to the fun part.

Pre-Requisites for the ProductHunt launch

Here’s what you need before you start preparing for your launch:

A good hunter

This can take some time but we were lucky to have Shivam Jha as our hunter, who’s the best person to hunt us since he’s the founder of Nawvel, a product I personally love and something that’s closely related to Edupops.

He also knows more about ProductHunt than anyone else I know of. He got his startup Nawvel to the #2 Product of the day before he supported Edupops.

nawvel product hunt launch shivam jha

A good enough Product

The reason I say “good enough” is because everyone’s goals from ProductHunt are different.

We did not launch our very first MVP on ProductHunt as we wanted to get more reach and attract many installs, not just initial feedback.

However, we did launch our beta because we felt it’s ready to go out to the community for more reach and next level feedback.

Next, let’s see what really got us to the top 5 list!

Here are the top things we did before our launch to prepare:

What we did before our ProductHunt launch

The preparation for a ProductHunt launch begins much before the launch itself!

LinkedIn posts before launch

Here are the top 5 activities we did starting a month before our launch:

  1. Outreach to interested people on social media
  2. Participate in Twitter threads regarding product launches
  3. Maintain a content calendar on LinkedIn (from all the founder profiles)
  4. Connect with people active in the ProductHunt community
  5. Stay active on ProductHunt and support the community

Apart from these, you can also find the list of requirements for the Producthunt listing (including image specs, maker comment, etc) here.

What we did on the day of the launch

Most of the preparation already happens before the launch.

However, there’s a lot of action on the day of the launch and it’s important to stay active and participate. And it’s a lot of fun!

Here are the top 5 things we did on the day of the launch:
  1. Respond to all comments on ProductHunt
  2. Post on all our social media platforms for people to support us (you should not ask for upvotes directly but you can ask for support)
  3. Send out email campaigns to our close network to support us
  4. Join groups and communities where people share their product launches
  5. Share the launch with our existing users

Remember: The launch doesn’t end on launch day!

We still continue to engage in comments, get great feedback, and enjoy new upvotes coming in on ProductHunt!

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